Monday, January 12, 2009


Welcome to the first 2009 Burgess blog post! Yes, I know we are a little late but things have been busy around here! Chayse is a busy body and is all over the place. She loves chasing the cat and is never still... unless she is asleep! She is doing well though and has a third tooth! We took her to the doctors last week for a courtesy weight check and she is 16 pounds, 9 ounces now! She may not weigh much but that is because she is always moving!

Nathan is adjusting to being promoted from Car 2 to Car 1. He moved into the chief's position from the assistant chief position on January 1. We have been busy painting his office and trying to get him a new desk.

I have been busy trying to keep up with Chayse, which is a full time job. I have been having headaches at night so I am not on the computer much these days which is why we have had the lag in postings. My Etsy store has been keeping me busy but I was able to take a much needed break at the first of the year! Christmas was a busy coaster season for me so it was very nice!

Oh, and I talked to Kelly and Kyle the other day... Brayden is doing GREAT and Grayson is so excited to have his little brother home. He has all three of them come and pick him up from daycare when he is there... he wants everyone together since they had a few weeks spit up. Kelly and Kyle are very grateful for all of the prayers that were sent their way. Thank you for keep my cousin and her family in your thoughts!