Monday, May 18, 2009

12.5 month stats on a growing girl!

At Birth: 7 lbs 14 oz, 20.5 inches
At 2 months: 11 lbs 10 oz (60%), 22.5 inches (45%)
At 4 months: 14 lbs 3 oz (50%), 24.75 inches (60%)
At 6 months: 15 lbs 7 oz (30%), 26.25 inches (60%)
At 9 months: 18 lbs 2 oz (30%), 27.5 inches (35 %)
At 12 months: 19 lbs 7 oz (20%), 29.75 inches (65%)

As her pattern has shown, she continues to be a longer, skinner baby on the curve! She burns sooooo much energy and sooooo many calories a day walking around... and now running!!! She gets going so fast it is hysterical to watch. Because of her teething causing the running nose, which caused a double ear infection (which has been causing the fevers), Chayse did not get any of her one year shots today. We will have to go back at 13 months and have those done once she is over this double ear infection.


Elizabeth said...

I tried posting a comment a week ago, but apparently it didn't go through. Chayse is getting to be such a big girl- and in perfect time since you've got a new baby making his arrival in the not so distant future :)