Monday, September 12, 2011


This is the face of one happy mama.
This is the face of one happy three year old!
This is the face of one happy two year old!
This is the face of one happy 7 month old!
Blessed. So very very blessed.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer 2011

Weeds! They are growing like weeds!
Shewh, what a busy summer this one has been! Beach trips, family trips, beach trips, pool trips, beach trips... yep, lots of road time! This summer has been a bitter sweet one. While it has been a fun one with the children, it has been a very sad one for our family. My father in law passed away almost 2 weeks ago and his loss is a crushing blow to our family. He was a one of a kind that will never be forgotten. We love you Randy and will miss you dearly.
G-Man with Grandpa Randy
County Lake Road was a great adventure when we were at Grandpa and Gram's house!
G-Man playing in the pool, he loves the water! And his sister, yep. She loves it too!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


5. It's a big number.
5 years.
260 weeks.
1825 days.
My sweet Hope Noelle you would have been 5 today. While I do stay busy with your sisters and brother, you are never far from our thoughts. At times, moments catch me off guard when I stop to think of all the things that we will never know... what does your smile look like? what is the sound of your laughter? what does your voice sound like? which would you have liked better, a swing or a slide? A lot of dreams were shattered and lost when you died and a lot of tears have fallen since you left this Earthly world. It also would have been a lot of suffering, a lot of sadness, a lot of pain. Hope we miss you every day more than words can say and I would never trade the short time we had with you but I would never wish you any pain or discomfort. Rest easy sweet girl. You are still loved. My cup runneth over. My cup runneth over.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Taste of Spring

This past week the weather has been wonderful here so we have been out burning off some cabin fever! What was that? You asked the best way to end the day? Oh, that's simple... with some frozen icceeesss!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

My my my...

Oh how things have changed over the last year! I still cannot believe I have let that much time pass without blogging!

As you might have noticed, there is an extra face in our pictures these days! Yes, we welcomed another baby into our family in January. Little Miss Peyton.

So much has gone on over the last year! Chayse is talking up a storm and is learning Spanish. While she is a very independent child, she is such a joy to be around and brightens our days! She had double eye surgery in September and seems to be doing well. We still are seen monthly for check ups and she may have to have surgery again at another time but for now, we are so thankful for the gift of sight.

Garris has started walking and talking and he is SUCH A BOY!!! He loves trucks and balls and loves to play in the dirt. He is 100% boy! He is currently cutting 8 teeth in one shot. The child has gone from 8 teeth to 16 teeth in less than 4 weeks. Talk about getting them all done in one shot!! Shewhhhhh!

Peyton is our newest addition to the family. She is our runt and is 2 months old now. She is a sweet sweet baby and loves to snuggle. We could not be more thrilled to have her in our family!

Nathan is still working with the fire department and I am still a stay at home mom. I spend a lot of my time working on my quilting. A friend and I started the NC Chapter of Quilts for Kids about 10 months ago and we have had a ball doing it! If you don't know about it, you should check it out. It is a great way to give back.