Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Pictures!! Thought that ya'll might get a kick out of these... this is C.N.B.'s closet. Yes, it is all stuff that I have bought her but a gal can never have toooo many outfits! Most of them she will not be able to wear until the fall or next spring and summer... Also a picture of my ever growing belly... getting bigger by the day!!!!

Caller ID

With our history, whenever I see the number to the doctor's office pop up on caller ID, my heart automatically skips a beat. Needless to say when the phone rang this morning, I was not expecting to see the name and number of my doctor's office. If you remember, I had some blood work done last week to check for gestational diabetes and they were calling with my test results. My sugar levels showed elevated from the glucose test last week so when I can get it scheduled, I will have to go to another office and have a 4 hour test done to see what is going on with my sugar processing. For those of you who see what I eat, you can vouch that I am a healthy eater... love the fruits and veggies.... and I love pasta. I have not had beef or pork in almost 18 years. I have never been a sweet tooth and rarely do I eat cookies or cake. So I was very surprised to learn my levels were up but, since this morning I have learned that there is a lot of natural sugar in the types of fruit I eat and most of my diet is carb related, which turns to straight sugar. I also know that it is common for pregnant women to have gestational diabetes and then for their bodies to "return to normal" after the baby is born... in fact I have a cousin who had it with a pregnancy and has not had any problems post pregnancy.

So fast forward to tonight... I cringe at the sight of a needle and I cringe when I have to take a pill... needles always bruise me and pills always dissolve before I can swallow them (they taste awful so I usually vomit). Needless to say, I am working on my daily diet by doing some simple things, like switching to wheat pasta and wheat bread. I also went to Barnes and Noble's and got a book on diabetes so that I can take control of this without having to have insulin pills or shots. I have several days to work on lowering my levels before I go in for my next glucose test so if you remember, say a quick prayer that this works... I hate pills and needles!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Check Up!!!

I spent this afternoon at the doctor's office for a check up. Everything still looks great. The "big" news of the day should make some of you (those who have silently cussed me over my weight) very very pleased... I had actually put on weight this time... a whole three pounds! I am up to a whopping total of six pounds now. C.N.B. is up to about two and a half pounds. She was quite the little lady today and had no manners... whenever they would go to try and get her heartbeat she kicked the monitor off. After 4 different attempts, she finally let them hear her heartbeat without kicking the machine. I was too busy laughing to even ask what the heart rate was so I can not pass that info on but she was very active and that is a good thing! Besides the needle, the glucose test was not that bad... flat Sunkist is what it tasted like. The results from that should be back in seven to ten days. My health still looks good, blood pressure was 100/58 and still no swelling so that was a plus!! We start week 29 on Monday if you can believe that!

Other than that, not a lot going on. I have vacation coming up and can not wait to kick back some. I am only working two weeks out of the month now with the amount of time that I am taking off before she gets here, which has been great and is allowing me to get stuff done, catch up with old friends, and enjoy some time with my husband while I can before I have to share him. That said, I am off to start winding down for the night. Enjoy your weekend.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Way to go Dad!!!

Thought you might find this an interesting read.... CNB's old man made the news paper! This man was in critical condition and they are not sure if he will survive.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

We made it!

January 15th came and went without baby girl making her way into the world, which we are so grateful for. Thank you for all of your prayers that have gotten us this far into the pregnancy! Nathan and I both feel blessed to have such a wonderful circle of support around us. This weekend will mark the end of week 27 and the start of week 28 meaning that we are in a very good place if I were to go preterm. CNB has a much higher chance for survival now outside of the womb (around 85%). She has spent the past week or two "practicing her breathing" since the plugs in her nose came out. She however, would not be able to breath on her own yet due to the lung sacs lack of ability to stay inflated. Currently, she is around 15 inches long and weighs around 1,000 grams (2 pounds) giving her very little fat to maintain body heat... so that said, she needs to stay in there a little longer. On an interesting note though, her eyes are no longer sealed and she can "look" at her surroundings although I am not sure how interesting they are!!!

As for the mom and dad, I go back to the doctor next Thursday for a glucose test, which I have heard is nasty, to check for gestational diabetes. Back pain has eased off some... I have been cleared to start distance walking again so the moving and stretching seems to be helping... Sleep is something that I have been getting more of over the last week. One of my girlfriends (thanks Courtney) left the best pillow in the world for me to try out and it has worked wonders in allowing me to sleep comfortably again. Nathan is grateful that I am not twisting and turning and yanking the covers away from him anymore! We have not yet started on the nursery but we did get the closet in her room cleaned out so all of her things are in one spot now. When we get it done, I will post a picture of it.

Thanks again for your continued support... I have no idea where we would be without it.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

update post

if you have been following the post for Nate, Tricia, and Gwyn all three are doing well. Both girls are still alive and making great progress. Tricia is still on the vent and under sedation so say a prayer that they can wean her off of it and get her moving towards a wonderful recovery.

This child intrigues me...

When I woke up yesterday, I awoke to one of the miracles of life that I had never before experienced. My normally quite and laid back baby girl was having a party! Don't get me wrong, she has her days where she is all over the place but yesterday was something new and amazing for me. As I was laying in bed trying to move without making my back pain worse, I saw my entire stomach move and watched either an elbow or a knee make its way across about 5 inches of my stomach. My first thought was what was that!?! I ended up laying there for almost an hour watching her make my stomach move. It was fascinating to me to see her little body parts moving inside me. Being able to feel them was wonderful in itself but watching her move was a whole new level of understanding that there is this little baby in there. It is overwhelming how much love you can have for someone you have never seen or met before. Nathan was at the fire house on a 24 hour shift so he has not seen her do it yet but I hope that he will get to see it this weekend!! I spent most of yesterday waiting to see if she would do it again but of course, no luck until last night when I was at work... I was sitting there on a 9-1-1 line listening to this guy (who by the way called the police to tell us his roommate took his drugs and he wanted to know how to get his drugs back) when she started again! It was so funny watching her THROUGH MY CLOTHES and I was trying so hard not to laugh while I was on the phone with this guy because the Duke Blue Devil on my shirt was dancing all over my stomach! I was just cracking up.

It's just amazing how this small miracle of life is growing away, getting bigger and stronger and how literally over night I could "see" her where as before I could only "feel" her. To anyone who might read this that is either having trouble getting pregnant, or taking a journey more like ours where you have the heart breaking trials of trying to stay pregnant, don't give up... this is 110% worth ride. God will get you there one of these days, just have faith. Here's to wishing your rainbow finds it's way to you...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Prayer request

There is another little girl who is due just a few days after C.N.B. is but she will be coming much earlier... As many of you know, I have a cousin with Cystic Fibrosis so that is something near to our family... in this CF situation though, it is a family from the outer banks, Nate and Tricia. Tricia is 24 weeks pregnant and has CF. She was due for a lung transplant and opted not to take it when she found out she was pregnant. Due to complications, she is currently in surgery to be placed on a ventilator and if her body does OK with it, she will have a c-section on Friday. If she does not do well with it, their daughter Gwyneth Rose will be born later today, much sooner than her delivery date. We well know the risks related to preemies so we ask that you join us in keeping this family in your thoughts and prayers. The link is CFHusband.Blogspot.Com if you want to read along...

On our end, we are still moving along well and feel very blessed to be at 26 weeks!!! Goal date for us is a week from today so we are in the short runs now!!!! Baby is a bit wild at times and I am having a hard time sleeping. I am a back sleeper so this whole sleep on your side is hard for me to do. The last week has left me with horrible back pains but all in all, I will take whatever I need to in order to get her here safe... in all honesty my back pain is nothing compared to what some other mommies in waiting have to go through (see above!!)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Still Cooking....

Happy New Years!!! We are very excited to say that we have made it into the new year with no complications so far and what a wonderful blessing that is! Currently Baby C.N.B. is growing away, weighs about 1.5 lbs and is close to 14 inches long. WOW!!! Yes, she finally has a name but no, we are not telling what it is... We feel so blessed that we have been able to make it this far and that she is still in the womb and growing everyday! There have been no medical issues that have alerted us to anything we should be weary of at this point and so far, I have only put on 4 pounds. Needless to say, this has been a good trimester for us and we are very excited to be entering into the THIRD TRIMESTER!!!! Currently this pregnancy is right at 25 weeks and holding strong! Our next appointment isn't for three more weeks where I will have the glucose testing done. Please pray that this test comes back normal so that we don't have to add the stress of gestational diabetes into the mix.