Sunday, June 1, 2008

One Month Young

It is hard to believe that my baby girl is already a month young! I wonder where the time has gone as we find ourselves falling more in love with our sweet girl with each passing day. It is hard to believe how much our lives have changed in one month. On May 1, at 2:56 in the morning to be exact, our sweet little girl entered the world and we have not been the same since. I watched her this morning as she was sleeping and still marvel at this little being that we created... the eye lashes, the toe nails, the skin, the little coos she makes. It still amazes me at what we were finally able to do and get right. For months I was so scared to love this little being inside of me for fear that something would go wrong and I would loose her too but I have to admit I get sheer joy out of looking into those big eyes of hers and seeing her smile at me. Happy Birthday my sweet Chayse... many more to come.


Elizabeth said...

I am so thankful that Chayse is here and doing well! :) It's been hard lately to find the time to post, let alone comment but I wanted to let you know I was thinking of you :)

Renee said...

Where are the pics?! We gotta see more of that princess! I know how you feel...I felt so guilty for not attaching myself to that baby growing inside of me but I have MORE than made up for it since she has been here. Happy 1st month!!!