Monday, August 11, 2008

Doctor Days Again!

We struck out this morning for another adventure to the doctors office. When we went today, we went to the "well side" instead of the "sick side" which was a nice change! All of the lab results are back in and it looks like Chayse is fit as a fiddle! All of her X-Rays, cultures, blood work... everything looks normal. There is no sign of infection so the fever is still a mystery. The new thought on her goes something like this... When the fevers started, Chayse was not teething... she had a virus. Nothing more, nothing less. Chayse's body temperature will still rise sometimes but she is not breaking 101.00 anymore!! Hooray!!! She is no longer taking antibiotics and we are not slated to go back to see the doctor until her 4 month check up.

As frustrating as all of this has been, all things considered, this was such a minor hiccup in the life of Chayse. Nathan and I are well aware of just how VERY VERY blessed we are to have a healthy baby! We well know how easily people find themselves in a different situation with a sick child. When people dream about their children, usually they see trucks, sandboxes, pig tails, popsicles, cars, graduation... so many wonderful things! People don't dream about the medical units, surgeons, I.V.'s, medications, sometimes even funerals that come with a sick child. I read my last post and it almost sounded like I was complaining about taking her to the doctors office. I really wasn't. I was complaining that I felt it was an ongoing problem that took a while to finally be addressed. I would take that child to the doctors office everyday if it kept her healthy. I remember one appointment that I was at to meet with a heart surgeon about Hope. I was sitting there in the waiting room at Duke Children's Hospital watching all of these children around me. So many children with so many different illnesses. Just across the room at the check out desk, there was a lady checking out with her new, perfect, baby boy and she was complaining about having a baby. Her words were "I am 43 years old and single. I passed this point of my life a long time ago. I didn't want to have a baby and now, because of a new position in the bed, here he is." I was SPEECHLESS! I wanted to scream, look around woman! Don't you know how blessed you are!?! I fear that there are many parents in this world who don't understand what a blessing and a miracle a child is. I pray that if you have children and are reading this, you give a prayer of thanksgiving today.


Elizabeth said...

I definately am blessed beyond comprehension!!!

I'm thankful Chayse doesn't have any major issues!!!

Hopefully she will continue on the mend and won't have a fever at all very very soon!!! :)

OH, BTW, your pics are GORGEOUS!!! I have looked at them over and over again! I absolutely adore them all but my favorites are the one with your engagement ring on her toes and the family pics :) Thank you SO SO much for sharing them!!!! Please do it again the next time :)

Mindy said...

I am SO happy Chayse is great!! Chris and I have been thinking about her and praying for your family.

Keep up the good reports Chayse!!!