Friday, October 3, 2008

Beach Trip

Well, Chayse and I struck off to Myrtle Beach last week with my mom. We were there for a week and had a wonderful time. We did a TON of shopping and hung out at the pool. Chayse loved being in the water and it was amazing to see how big she is getting... her float was too big for her to sit in just two months ago and now she is whizzing around the pool in it!

Chayse and I out on the beach... The weather was wonderful, slightly cool with a great breeze...
Chayse and I playing in the pool... she loved the water!Chayse in her floaty swimming getting pushed around the pool... Chayse and her Grandma one day while we were out shopping...

Overall, we had a great time. Chayse had her hands and feet washed more than she normally does because people just could not seem to keep their hands off of her since she is so cute! I try not to worry about bugs and germs and what not but sometimes, someone says something crazy and I just cannot help it. We were in the Ralph Lauren store on Monday where a wonderful lady was helping me with some jeans... while I was checking out, she was talking to my Mom. In the conversation, she tells my mom that she babysat her grandchild all weekend long and that they had just found out the baby had chickenpox. She had been all over Chayse's feet so as soon as we walked out of the store, she was sanitized, the toys were sanitized, and her stroller was Lysoled (yes, I keep a travel size can in the diaper bag!). Needless to say, Chayse was the poster child of cleanliness every time we walked out of a store and someone touched her. You never know what lurks with strangers and if I can keep her from being sick, then I am going to try! I will just be that crazy mom!!
We got back from the beach at 6pm, I ran in the house so I could change clothes and then we were off to see Nathan. Chayse was very excited to see him! After a quick visit at the fire house, Chayse hung with one of my girlfriends for the night while Mom and I went to a concert. We went to see Michael Buble at the RBC Center. I had no idea who he was when we went but he put on a great show... and now I know who he is!

Thanks Mom, for spending the week with us! We had a blast!


Elizabeth said...

Looks like you had a great time!!!
After having 5 kids, unfortunately cleanliness goes out the window sometimes.

The other day Bob and I were in the car with our littles three. It was past lunchtime and Cassandra was getting very grumpy. We were on our way home from getting groceries and only a few minutes from home. It got quiet, when we arrived home we understood why..Cassandra had found an old french fry in her carseat and was munching away- EW GROSS!!!!

Claudia said...

Who am I to criticize about insane sanitation. I can't seem to get healthy, so I think that sounds just right!