Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The organ scan

The big day is less than a week away and I must say, I am very much so at peace with it. When we had this scan done on Chayse, I was VERY nervous about it in the weeks leading up to it but right now, I find myself very calm. I have lifted this child up in prayer, the same as I did with Hope Noelle and Chayse, but I feel very peaceful this week... no gitters, no fears, no doubts. It is an odd feeling because while my brain knows that there is always a chance we could be where we were with Hope, my heart is calm and steadfast. My fears with Chayse were that we were going to have to deal with the loss of another child and I could not get over that fear. Chayse has instilled a ton of confidence in me over the last 10 months and that might be where all of this peace is coming from but, I think that prayers do wonderful things... don't you?


Spear Family said...

Yes I agree totally! You and Your family will always be in Our prayers. Anissa

Renee said...

My cousin delivered a baby girl names Sophie last night. It was a little strange for me but I am so thankful that she is here safe and sound. I have a peaceful feeling about your sweet little one too. I know God blesses those who bless and I just know that Chayse will have a new little baby to 'mommy' soon. I will continue to pray for you...

BTW...did the same thing happen to your Dad?

Koryn said...

Thank you for your link to my blog. I look forward to your good news we are all praying for in a few days! Our first two children were 15 months apart - wouldn't have it any other way! 4 in 5 years - now that was a bit ambitious! Ha ha! I am getting excited as I see your photos! Baby looks great! Hope you feel well and are experiencing God's continued grace and peace in the wait.

The Tieman Family Experience said...

How exciting!!! I know everything will be great, great, great and your house will be as blissfully chaotic as mine in no time flat :) You guys are always in our prayers.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Praying for you as you wait for the scans.

I found your blog today and am glad that I came here!

in Him,

Byerly said...

Ahhh - prayers do bring peace, I am sure of it.