Thursday, April 2, 2009

A great report!!!

We were able to see Baby Burgess this week up close and personal! And I must say, I agree with Nathan... this baby looks like Chayse! Candice, the lady who did our ultrasound, spent a an hour and a half measuring bones and organs. We were so excited when we saw four perfectly-formed chambers pumping away!!! No obvious signs of cardiac defects! Praise the Lord! The baby was very "good" and Candice was able to measure all of the bones
and look at all of the organs that she needed to look at. All of the bones are measuring within a day of the EGA which is almost perfect! There were no organ defects seen on the scan either! The kidneys and the heart looked great! Actually, everything looks great at this time!
The doctor then came back to review the ultrasound findings with us. Thankfully, no structural anomalies were found!!! We opted not to have the amnio with everything looking as well as it did. So, as we did with Chayse, we will have to wait till the baby is born to get an absolute answer on everything but we feel great about the scan and the blood work and are not worried about anything!!! What a relief!
Have I said that this baby looks like Chayse? It is a good thing that I saved Chayse's clothes from when she was a bitty baby because we will be reusing some of her clothes if the seasons line up for the new baby to use them!!
Guess it ended up being a good thing that I bought some green and yellow things for Chayse just in case she came out a boy instead of a girl because we are having a BOY!!!!

I am sure one day he might not be too pleased that his Mama posted his "stuff" on the web but, we are so thrilled that all signs are pointing towards a healthy baby boy!!!!! Its truly a blessing to receive such a good report... it was at this stage in the pregnancy with Hope when we first learned of her cardiac defects. We already knew she had DS but we were not aware of all of the organ defects. Thank you all for your prayers this far... God has been faithful in answering them with a simple and loving “yes”.


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Praise His wonderful name! I am so happy for you and so thankful to the Lord for the blessing of a healthy baby to be! A precious little boy.

My prayers will continue to be with you.


Elizabeth said...

YAY, YAY, YAY !!! How so very exciting!!! :) I do have to admit, I had to laugh at your picture of "his stuff", there is no mistaken THAT! :)

A HUGE Congratulations to you, not only for a boy, but a healthy one at that!!! :)

Mindy said...

Congratulations!!! Boys are fun too!