Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Construction 100!!!

We have been busy little bee's over here! Well, I have been busy going up and down with refills of water and Nathan has been busy working!! Progress is coming along well with the house and we are hoping to have the upstairs construction done in the next 3-4 weeks. Sheetrock is being hung today and I am sure that will make it look so different! We are both getting excited about the extra space we will be gaining from this!! Here are some pictures of a few of the rooms I took this morning before they started hanging sheet rock.
This is what will become the play room...
This is where the new office will go...This is looking down the hallway into the den...
This is the looking out into the den from the second floor kitchen...
And this is what will be the sitting room area... my favorite place!!!!
Chayse is doing much better. She still has a little bit of a lingering ear ache but we are working on that. She is currently weighing in at 19 1/2 pounds! AGH!! She is getting so big! She is a long skinny little thing! Baby Boy is growing away. In fact, two weeks ago he was measuring 3 weeks ahead! I think that maybe it was the way he was laying because I am not that much bigger than I was with Chayse. My total weight gain is now at 8 pounds. We don't have the nursery set up yet as his room will be what is now the guest room and that won't be moved till upstairs is done.

On a totally random note, I doubt you guys know this because I never have blogged about it before but, I have a second blog that is about all things Etsy... a place where you can buy anything handmade. Anyhow, I currently have a blog giveaway going on for a 4th of July hair bow that has a $10 value on it. If you know any little girls, nieces, neighbors, grandchildren, etc who love to get all dressed up for holidays, you should check it out... no purchase needed!! Have a great week!!!!