Sunday, November 1, 2009

Remember me??

I know I said it wasn't going to be long for pictures but it was. I need to apologize to Garris for not blogging about him the way that I should but he is just too stinking cute and he takes up all of our time! Now, ON TO BLOGGING!!!
Happy fall!! Can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here?? I cannot but I know it is coming because I see pumpkins and mums!! But, I have to be honest... I think that I have the cutest pumpkins in the patch! Here is our latest family photo!

Like I said, I think that we have the cutest pumpkins in the patch!!

Garris has been doing better with his reflux. For a while there, he was throwing up almost every day, several times a day. It was nasty!! But, he has been on some medication for almost three weeks now and it seems to be doing the trick! I cannot believe that he is already 2 months old! It seems like we just brought him home yesterday! He is holding his head up really well and is cooing away! He is so fun to talk to because he just smiles and smiles and ugh, it will melt your heart!! Garris went on his first beach trip a few weeks ago. We went to Myrtle Beach in S.C. and had a blast. It was a girls weekend plus Garris... Me, my mom, my aunt, Chayse, and Garris. While Garris did a lot of sleeping, Chayse did a lot of swimming!
Here is Garris, smiling... while it was night time, it was his first ever look at the ocean!

And these were taken on the same... Chayse and I walked down the beach at sunset and then we went and played in the hot tub!

Lots of things to post about and new pictures to come soon!!


Mindy said...

YAY! I have been waiting for these! What beautiful babies you have. We will need to let you know when we are going to be in town for the holidays so we can see you all!!

Claudia said...

Great to see you back!! I cannot believe how big Chayse is. Her hair is so long. Garris is a cutie pie. You must be so happy!

Full of Grace said...

He is SO Cute!!!
I had all but given up on seeing him :) Thanks so much for the pics and have a great Thanksgiving with two little Thankfuls :)