Friday, November 16, 2007

Test Results

Because we have a prior history with Downs, we opted to know what our risk assesment would be for this pregnancy so that we could best be prepaired with the risk at delivery. As said in the last post, the doctors wanted to look at the organs and for any soft markers that may come up in an ultrasound. This ultra sound was then combined with the numbers from a prior test that was done called a fetal nuchal translucency test. Basically with the nuchal test, they look for fluid and thickness in the neck (normal for Downs kids) and also at the mothers blood patterns. The level 4 ultra sound looked at bones, head shape, and organs. Baby Girl only had one blip on the radar and that was one bone measuring short but it was not greater than 3% so it is not something that they are worried about. If anyone ever has to have this test done, make a mental note that there are very few babies that actually measure to date on every single bone structure so don't let one bone trip you up! This was wonderful news. With the two tests, the measurements were added together leaving us with this...

chance for trisomy 21 (downs) again is 1 out of 2,661... we were at 1 out of 136 prior to the test
chance for trisomy 13 is one out of 22,000
chance for trisomy 18 is one out of 22,000

While these numbers just represent the risks, this was a very uplifting phone call from Duke and these results have released us from Duke O.B.!!! We will only go back if there are complications... this means that currently we are not a "true" high risk pregnancy anymore where we are having to been seen by a high risk OB!!!! What a wonderful thing to be able to give thanks for... Here's to wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas.