Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where our story starts...

Well, as we start this blog, we wanted to let our family and friends know where we are at this point in our lives. We are awaiting the arrival of our second child who is due on April 22, 2008. We have been praying for the health of this child and this pregnancy for over four months now. Getting this child here has been a roller coaster trip that we started two and a half years ago.

After a failed pregnancy in November of 2005 with twins, our first born child, Hope Noelle, was born on June 14, 2006 at 4:04 pm very early with Downs, as well as with multiple organ defects. She was born at 20 weeks weighing 8.6 ounces and was 9.1 inches long. We were blessed to be her parents here on Earth for one glorious hour and then she became our guardian angel. We then found out Christmas 2006 that I was pregnant again but lost that one to a tubal pregnancy in January of 2007.

This August we were shocked to learn that I was once again pregnant. This was a bit overwhelming to us because we had almost given up on our dream of a house full of children. Firm believers that God makes no mistakes, we held our breath once again as we waited to see what the outcome would be for this pregnancy. After multiple trips to the doctors and several visits to Duke, we are very excited to say that we have learned that we have a viable pregnancy! We had an ultrasound done today at 17 weeks and learned that it will be another little girl! Needless to say we are just tickled pink!!!! Before we ever got married we had said that we would like to have 2-3 children and we are very excited about the upcoming arrival of the newest member to our family! We just can not wait to meet her... now we have to come up with a name! As of now, this little girl does not show any markers for Downs and all of the organs seem to be growing normally. We will be getting lab results back within the next week and I will post them as soon as we know something. Since I had such an early delivery last time, our goal date to reach is January 15th when she will be 26+ weeks, thus increasing her chance of viability.

One of my girlfriends Melissa has a blog site where she keeps people up to date on her son and family and it's been a great way to get out pictures and updates. We have opted to start this blog site as a way to share what information we feel like we can and also to keep our family and friends updated as we go along. Since telling people that we have a bun in the oven, many people have asked how things are going and we feel that this will be the easiest way to keep people informed of how this pregnancy is progressing. As of now, we are asking that you join us in prayer through the rest of this journey. We are anxious to wet the ink on the pen of life so that we can write the next chapter of our life with this blessing from above. We ask for prayers that she stays in there as long as possible and that she is healthy and free from any organ defects.


theragan3 said...

I felt a connection to your blog and wanted to post a comment. I gave birth to twin boys Nov 1, 2005 at 28 weeks. Abraham and Moses. Moses was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome at about 22 weeks, and had the AV defect common to DS kids. At 1 month he developed a more severe heart condition and had to have open heart surgery - at only about 4 lbs. He made it through the surgery but was too tiny to bounce back and went back to heaven. The heartache that my hubby and I felt, no one can understand unless you have walked in our shoes.
After reading your blog, and not really even knowing you, I am so excited for you and your pregnancy. I will pray for continued good health for you and baby.
May God bless you as you being the ride of parenthood - again