Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Caller ID

With our history, whenever I see the number to the doctor's office pop up on caller ID, my heart automatically skips a beat. Needless to say when the phone rang this morning, I was not expecting to see the name and number of my doctor's office. If you remember, I had some blood work done last week to check for gestational diabetes and they were calling with my test results. My sugar levels showed elevated from the glucose test last week so when I can get it scheduled, I will have to go to another office and have a 4 hour test done to see what is going on with my sugar processing. For those of you who see what I eat, you can vouch that I am a healthy eater... love the fruits and veggies.... and I love pasta. I have not had beef or pork in almost 18 years. I have never been a sweet tooth and rarely do I eat cookies or cake. So I was very surprised to learn my levels were up but, since this morning I have learned that there is a lot of natural sugar in the types of fruit I eat and most of my diet is carb related, which turns to straight sugar. I also know that it is common for pregnant women to have gestational diabetes and then for their bodies to "return to normal" after the baby is born... in fact I have a cousin who had it with a pregnancy and has not had any problems post pregnancy.

So fast forward to tonight... I cringe at the sight of a needle and I cringe when I have to take a pill... needles always bruise me and pills always dissolve before I can swallow them (they taste awful so I usually vomit). Needless to say, I am working on my daily diet by doing some simple things, like switching to wheat pasta and wheat bread. I also went to Barnes and Noble's and got a book on diabetes so that I can take control of this without having to have insulin pills or shots. I have several days to work on lowering my levels before I go in for my next glucose test so if you remember, say a quick prayer that this works... I hate pills and needles!!!


Melissa said...

I had a friend whos glucose came back elevated but after the 4 hour test she was fine. She also found out that the 2 bananas a day was a lot of sure to be eating. A lot of people don't realize that fruits and pastas are high in sugar and/or turn to sugar when processed. I am glad you found out early so you can work on it. Good luck with your test!

leilani said...

Good luck with your test! I don't know if you are close to Morrisville, but the outlet mall has a bookstore...I go there on my lunch break a lot, and I'm ashamed to say I'm $20 of getting a gift for spending almost $100 on cookbooks alone....they are so cheap and they have SO many good ones for 70+% off :)