Thursday, January 17, 2008

We made it!

January 15th came and went without baby girl making her way into the world, which we are so grateful for. Thank you for all of your prayers that have gotten us this far into the pregnancy! Nathan and I both feel blessed to have such a wonderful circle of support around us. This weekend will mark the end of week 27 and the start of week 28 meaning that we are in a very good place if I were to go preterm. CNB has a much higher chance for survival now outside of the womb (around 85%). She has spent the past week or two "practicing her breathing" since the plugs in her nose came out. She however, would not be able to breath on her own yet due to the lung sacs lack of ability to stay inflated. Currently, she is around 15 inches long and weighs around 1,000 grams (2 pounds) giving her very little fat to maintain body heat... so that said, she needs to stay in there a little longer. On an interesting note though, her eyes are no longer sealed and she can "look" at her surroundings although I am not sure how interesting they are!!!

As for the mom and dad, I go back to the doctor next Thursday for a glucose test, which I have heard is nasty, to check for gestational diabetes. Back pain has eased off some... I have been cleared to start distance walking again so the moving and stretching seems to be helping... Sleep is something that I have been getting more of over the last week. One of my girlfriends (thanks Courtney) left the best pillow in the world for me to try out and it has worked wonders in allowing me to sleep comfortably again. Nathan is grateful that I am not twisting and turning and yanking the covers away from him anymore! We have not yet started on the nursery but we did get the closet in her room cleaned out so all of her things are in one spot now. When we get it done, I will post a picture of it.

Thanks again for your continued support... I have no idea where we would be without it.


Melissa said...

yeah! Glad to hear you have made it past the 27 week mark, down hill from here! Also glad to hear that youa re sleeping better as well. I tried a "special" pillow that my sister in law let me borrow, but I couldn't get comfortable with it, i ended up just using tons of regular pillows to support me here and to support me there...Glad to hear things are going well and moving right along!

Love yas!