Monday, March 24, 2008

Bags are packed!

If you can believe it, we are finished with week 36 and started week 37 today! Nathan doesn't think that we will go all the way to 40 weeks though... time will tell! I had some serious contractions today for about 3 hours and then they went away. Nathan thinks that they were Braxton Hicks, I am not sure what they were but she has not dropped yet so I think that we still have lots of time left. We do have our bags packed so that we will be ready when she lets us know that she is ready to make her grand entrance into this world.

We ventured off last week for another doctor's appointment and things still look good. I actually gained this time, I am up to a whopping 13 pounds now! All in all, doc said that he was pleased with the weight gain. Apparently around 6 pounds of it is all in the placenta due to the extra blood and around 6 to 7 pounds of it is the baby so I can really say all of my weight gain is baby weight! Still crossing my fingers that this means I will weigh less after delivery than I did when I got pregnant... how nice would that be!!!

Baby girl is still very active. She is not kicking so much now, it is more of a roll. She is running out of extra room in there so every time she moves, I can feel it. One of my coworkers told me the other night that I have my own built in toy for entertainment... this was of course after she told my my stomach looked like something off of the movie "Aliens"!!!!


Melissa said...

Wow! Maybe you will weigh less after birth since you really didn't put any weight on! I remember when Landon ran out of room and you could see the stomach "roll". I cannot wait to see this wonderful little girl that is about to be!

Renee said...

I wasn't that lucky!! My first pregnancy I only gained about 22lbs. This one....42. It's all gone now so the world is rotating again. :) Can't wait for little MISS to get here!