Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Still holding at 9.5 pounds!!!

So, we made it into March!! Who would have ever thought that!!???? I had a doctors apt today with my least favorite person in the world, Dr. Doom, and things are still going well (no, that's not his real name but every time I have seen him with prior pregnancies something has been wrong) . I was very nervous to see him and my blood pressure was proof of that... it was much higher than it has ever been in my life, 135/82... I normally sit around 90/55. It's been two weeks since my last check up and I did not gain any weight!! Hot Dog!!! I actually was a little concerned this time because I just knew that I had gained from where CNB was growing but Dr. Doom told me that he was actually pleased with my weight gain because I was "healthy" when I got pregnant... what a nice way to tell a pregnant lady she was already a little fluffy from the get go!! LOL!!! Belly is measuring right on the money though so still no reason to be concerned that CNB is not growing properly. She had a great heart rate today and actually "slept" through the whole apt once she got over her hicups!

Here is the kicker from today... of course there was one, I was with Dr. Doom!!!! Apparently months ago I tested positive for Strep B in the bladder but never knew it... he got to be the lucky one to tell me!! I have actually done a lot of reading on it tonight and found out that around 1 in 3 women tests positive when they are pregnant and if you tested every woman at some point in their life, they would test positive. It can be found in multiple parts of the body (such as your bladder, bowels, throat) and from what my doctor has told me, it is the same type of strep as when you have strep throat but its in a different part of your body. I was never told that I had this so of course, Dr. Doom was the one to tell me. What this means is that I will have to be given antibiotics during delivery to keep the baby from getting it while in the birth canal. I could test negative today for issues but a week from now at delivery have it and pass it to the baby. Babies have no immune system so if it were to go to her, she could end up with problems and truthfully, they could be fatal. BUT, MOST OF THE TIME (99%) THERE ARE NO ISSUES and the medication prevents issues from happening. So, the new prayer request we have is to be in labor long enough (remind me later that I asked for a longer delivery) to get two rounds of the antibiotic before she comes out. Normally that is not an issue but given that I was 0 to 10 and done with delivery last time in less than 6 hours, this could be interesting. The doctor was very reassuring that most of the time, nothing happens... the cases where you hear of things happening to the baby are women who 1. never were tested because of early labor or, 2. never had prenatal care. So, much to my fingers dismay of typing this, happy thoughts, happy baby, longer delivery... remember, whatever it takes.


The Tieman Family Experience said...

YAY for baby CNB! This girl means business...she's gonna wait around for April...she's wanting that diamond birthstone :)

I was Strep B positive when I was pregnant with Olivia...and you're right not to worry. In fact, I have only known 1 person who did NOT test positive during pregnancy...apparently we all have it and we have it on such a regular basis that most everyone is bound to test positive. And believe me they will PUMP those antibotics into your system...if you're moving fast, they'll pump 'em faster than if you in there like me just lolly-gaggin' around :) Even still I think the gave me my first bag around 8 that morning and the second one around 10:30ish...and remember, I was lolly-gaggin' around in there. So, you should be good.

Good luck and YAY!! hugs from the tieman crew!

Melissa said...

I tested negative but I had to be put on an antibiotic after ladon was born because I ended up with a fever after the delivery. Wonder if I had strep that day???