Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Check Up News...

So, it looks like a lot of folks were wrong... she is late late late late!!!

We went off to the doctor's again today and little miss is still not doing anything. She is a happy little clam in there! She is still growing by tummy measurements and I am shrinking... I lost 3 pounds this week!!! There is always the chance that I will go into labor on my own but since the placenta will start to break down after so many days, they will only let you go so long. That said, if she is not here by Monday, I will have a fetal stress test done just to check and make sure she is still doing well in there... If she is not, they will take her on Monday. If she is doing well, they will let me go till Friday, May 2. My favorite doctor would be the one to deliver her if we go all the way to the 2nd so I am not heartbroken over it. I was a little down last night going to bed because she isn't here but all in all, I know that I won't be pregnant forever... the most we have left is 9 days!!!

That said, for those of you that we know that work at the hospital (and there are lots of you!) please understand when we ask that you let this be a family matter. We have been through a lot to get to this point and would like the chance to tell our families about her arrival before we tell others so please don't look us up in the computer system to see if we are there or if little miss CNB is a new arrival... For the rest of you, we promise that we will call (or the phone tree will get to you!!) when she gets here and we are ready for visitors! With everything that we have gone through, I am pretty certain that this will be a very emotional time for us so please understand when we ask for just a little space with the delivery part... once that is over we would love for you to come see us! We are so grateful for the continued prayers and the support we have gotten... they will always be remembered. Next time we post, hopefully it will be with some news about the arrival of our little one!!


Renee said...

You are right, it is a very emotional time and one that you need to enjoy and savor every moment. It is filled with excitement, fear, joy, gratitude, reflection, anxiety but best of Her first cry will be a symphony to your ears! Enjoy your last few days of SLEEP and I'll be sending you my thoughts and prayers. Take care,

Renee & Landry

Elizabeth said...

Well, She may have emeralds for her birthday after all :) (Emeralds are beautiful too!!!)

I check your blog daily to see if your baby girl has arrived, and I will just "keep on" :)

Praying for You!!!

The Tieman Family Experience said...

I'm with Renee on all accounts!! This will be a very special time for the three of you and one you should not feel guilty savorying...because once you see the first visitor, it seems like the flood gates open and EVERYONE will be there, someone will be in your house nonstop! The Saturday after we brought Olivia home on Friday, I thought I'd lose my mind there wasn't one moment of "down time," you know. And like Renee said, enjoy these last few days of sleep, sleep, sleep!!! Lots of love is heading your way!

Jackie said...

Wishing you the best! You guys deserve it. Take all the time you need for your family. You never get those first few days back. Enjoy them.

Love you!