Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Almost TWO WEEKS!!!!

It is so hard to believe that this little girl that we waited so long for has been here for almost two weeks! Chayse is doing great. We went for her check up today and she is actually above her birth weight now... she was 8.05 lbs today! I love knowing that she is gaining weight and is healthy and HERE!!! We are still just beside ourselves knowing that she is healthy and happy. I know I loved my husband before she was here but I have to tell you, it makes my heart smile watching him go ga-ga over this little 8 pound snuggler! She LOVES to get in the bed and snuggle after her 6 am feeding. She is eating well and sleeping well... she is actually on a schedule and we are enjoying the routine while it lasts for we both know that it will change several times over the next few years! Nathan and I are actually getting sleep... sometimes not as much as we want but that's O.K. because she is worth every sleep deprived night we have had. I have lost all of my "baby weight" and then some... I weighed this weekend 9 days after delivery and was down 24 pounds!!!!! HOT DOG!!!! Needless to say, I spent yesterday taking out all of my maternity clothes and making room for all of my regular clothes. It was a weird happy and sad moment... happy that I can actually wear my old clothes again because that means my baby girl is here and yet sad because I know that she is no longer safe inside of me. What a responsibility to have such a small person that you are 100% responsible for! But, it is something that neither of us would change for the world!

We celebrated our first Mother's Day this past weekend and that was a hard day. Don't get me wrong, I loved it and I love her but these past two weeks have made me really see and understand what I have been missing for the past two years since Hope. I still think of Hope everyday and actually cried Saturday night because I felt so guilty talking about my "first" Mother's Day but also because I was so happy that it was something we could celebrate, as a family, with a child who is here and so much alive. I would not trade her for anything and I can not wait to see all of the joy and laughter that she brings into our lives. We are truly blessed.


Mindy said...

She is beautiful!! I can not wait to meet her!!

Elizabeth said...

I agree, she is beautiful! Sorry I've been MIA, with sick kids and birthdays it just hasn't been the easiest to find time to blog and leave comments. Enjoy every precious moment and keep those updates coming :)

Emily said...

Hey Christy! How've you been? I need your email address. I'd love to talk to you! Little miss Chayse was born on my birthday! Congratulations to you and your husband on a beautiful baby!