Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Life with Chayse....

It is wonderful. Nathan and I are both beside ourselves with her. She is doing great and is already back up to her birth weight, she is eating and sleeping well, and Nathan and I are actually sleeping too. What more could you ask for. We feel blessed in so many ways. A blogger family that I keep up with also had a daughter, Sophie, who passed away two years ago. They welcomed another baby girl into their world this past December and she has told me all along that when I heard Chayse cry for the first time, it would be music to my ears. She failed to tell me that I would hear a whole symphony! I have never been so happy to hear a cry and we just keep getting happier, if that's possible! We are just totally in love with this little creature God has blessed us with!

Her name has been quite the topic here lately... you would be surprised how many people called to get her weight and length, say congrats and then hang up only to call back 10 minuets later saying, "Oh yeah, what is her name"? Her name came from two places... If you remember back several posts ago I told folks Nathan got the idea from a football game... The Missouri Tigers were playing football and they had two Chase's on the team this past season... her "namesake" is Chase Daniel (#10) their quarterback. When Nathan said Chase, I thought about it and we decided it was perfect because we were chasing a dream... we just put the "Y" in it to make it a little more girlie! Her middle name is Nicole and is a name I have always loved since watching Drew Barrymore in "Ever After" which is basically a Cinderella story... while Nicole was not her name in the movie, she claimed to be Nicole DeLoncray to one of her suitors... that was a trick hint!!!


Elizabeth said...

I like the meaning of Chayse's name- Chasing Dreams; how beautiful. I too love the movie Ever After and own it (should pull it out and watch it sometime, it's been awhile) :)

I'm glad you are in heaven and was great to get an update so soon!!! :)

Melissa said...

I am so happy for you guys! I am glad that everything is going so well! I cannot wait to meet this precious little girl!

Renee said...

I didn't forget! I just wanted to leave a surprise or two for you!!! :)

You haven't even begun to scratch the surface of the joy you will experience. I am in awe at how beautiful she is and how happy your words scream off of the screen. I just couldn't be happier for you. I know this joy you feel and there is nothing like it...any where. I don't even have to wish you a Happy Mother's Day...that is already taken care of! Give her a kiss from the Mader crew and pinch yourself one more time...Chayse is HERE!!!!

Renee said...

BTW...I just showed the hubby her pictures and we both think she looks alot like Landry as a newborn! If you go back and look, there are several pictures where they look alike. I just posted about Chayse on my blog. :)

Renee said...

Okay...we're ready for a Chayse fix!! I can't imagine what you are doing with all of your spare time now!!! ;)

Thanks for the sweet notes on the blog. I hope/know you had a great Mother's Day...mine sure was wonderful!

Take care, r