Saturday, November 15, 2008

Do you see what I see?

There is so much slobber in there that the pictures did not take all that great but, we are getting a tooth! It is on the bottom row, in the center, on her right side (so here it would be the left side in the pictures). It FINALLY came into sight and is sticking up out of her gum but it has not come up all the way. Chayse has been a bit crabby with this tooth... fever, drool, chomping on everything!! And that little tooth is so stinking sharp!! Anyhow, just wanted to share!
BTW, the camera is up and running again so we will be posting pictures pretty regularly again!


Claudia said...

Natalie just got her bottom two pearly whites on Monday!

Anonymous said...

Looked at proofs with family and Tata. Now checking out blogs. They all think she looks like you. Great pictures!

Renee said...

Wasn't that kid just born!! It goes by so fast. Isn't it amazing. They start coming fast after the first one so get ready! Landry just tried hers out on my stomach. She broke the skin and never even knew she bit down on me.