Saturday, November 22, 2008

A few pics from the past week...

Little Miss Chayse has become Little Miss Independent! She is learning something new every day now and it just cracks me up! She is sitting solo, holding her own sippy cup (yes, a sippy cup!), she is pushing up to her knees but is not crawling around yet... she is just growing growing growing. Nathan had her in the bathroom the other night and she was looking at herself in the mirror... she put her hands all over the mirror while talking and laughing at herself. Two days later as I was walking towards her bathroom, I saw these tiny hand prints in the reflection and it hit me that there is A BABY IN OUR HOUSE!!! It was one of those surreal moments that catches you totally of guard. It is hard to explain but it made my heart smile, and made my eyes tear up!

Anyhow, on a funny note... Chayse has learned to look out the bumper of her bed and peek. She waits for someone to come in the room and BOING! She sticks that little head up and smiles so big as if to say HEY! It is sooooo stinking cute and really funny. I will try to snag a few pics of her doing it.


Claudia said...

She's crawling right out of those socks!

Renee said...

Get ready!!!! She's gonna find her twinkle toes before you know it!