Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow!!!

SNOW! What a treat to wake up to!!! We got so much snow last night, right around 4 inches and it has been so fun watching Chayse explore this white stuff!!! She was so amazed with it when she woke up to it that she pulled the curtains down from the front door! The snow has brought the cold with it, and by cold, I mean bone chilling cold!! The wind has been ripping and it is cold to the core!!! I think that the wind chill has been around 10 or so the last two days!! BURR!!! We have taken Chayse out just for 10-15 mins. at a time as it is too cold to stay out in. She could care less about the cold, she just wants to be outside! Amazing how much fun she can have with her nose running and her cheeks so red!!! And as for Mr. Garris, while I know that this was his first snow fall, I don't think that he even knows that a single flake fell, let alone four inches! It was way to cold for that little boy to be outside!