Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Finally, we get to play in the snow!

The snow came and it is still here and we are loving it!! Just loving it!!! FINALLY! We finally got above freezing here today and it was in the low 40's with the sun shining!! It was awesome weather outside and a perfect day for a snow play date! We had our fantastic baby sitter Allison and her boyfriend Ryan over today and then we played with some of our neighbors that live down the street! Being that we don't get snow too often here, and usually not enough to play in (we get ice most of the time) we were not really to play in it as far as a sled goes... so we used a garbage can lid and it worked wonders! Chayse had a blast and a half playing and loved that she could be outside for more than 10 mins! It was so much fun watching her actually enjoy the snow! She would come down on the lid and as soon as she was done, you would hear her say "again again" over and over. She is in the midst of a vocabulary EXPLOSION and it has been amazing watching her vocalize everything she is wanting. It is so amazing watching this little girl grow up right before our eyes! We are so blessed!! It was warm enough that I felt comfortable taking Garris out in the snow for a bit today. He had no clue that anything was any different than it is any other day but he has now seen snow!! I took his bouncy seat out and let him hang in it while we continued to play.

We were able to make a VERY small snowman as this snow was not packing well. It was fun to play in but it was not good snow for snow balls or snowmen. We tried though! Chayse's favorite part about the snow? Well, that is easy... she wanted to eat it! YUM!