Thursday, February 21, 2008

Docotor Days are here again....

I had my week 32 check up today and everything continues to look great. I am almost in the double digits for weight gain stopping just shy of 10 pounds... I am all the way up to 9 pounds now! My stomach growth was measured again today and growth was good, everything is in the normal range. CNB had a heart rate today of 133 and my blood pressure was 110/60, which is on the high side for me but still relatively low. I also found out that all of my numbers were great on my second glucose test so, no more glucose tests or worries about diabetes! Hooray for answered prayers! I am now going for check ups every two weeks which means we are getting close! It is hard to believe that week 33 will be starting on Monday! Babies at this point are typically around 4 pounds and about 18-19 inches long!

On the home front side, Nathan and I are still working on getting things ready for CNB's room. We have cleaned most of our stuff out and started moving her things in... the bed is down and the crib is in the garage waiting to be put together. Her dresser is up and some of her clothes are washed. Baby girl had her first shower this past weekend and got some great things so her room is starting to look like a baby's room. I will put up a picture once we get everything and get it situated.

In the mean time, we are very excited to still be pregnant and for things to be going as well as they are. I am still have bouts of swelling in my feet but ice packs are wonderful things!! As we have said before, thank you for your continued support and prayers!!


RSM said...

I had withdrawls from my doc after I had Landry! I missed not seeing him every week :)

Thanks for the comment on my blog. So far Landry is doing okay...keep your fingers crossed that she won't get anything. BTW...her closet looks like Landry's! Wish mine did!!!:)