Friday, February 8, 2008

Glucose Test... GROSS!!!

That has to be the closest thing that I have ever seen to morning sickness... the one hour test was nothing but the three hour one, UGH! The glucose/sugar drink is about 3 times more concentrated than the drink for the one hour test and my stomach, nor C.N.B., did well with it. It was all I could do not to vomit! C.N.B. on the other hand, was on a sugar high and was all over the place kicking and flipping, which did nothing to help her mom's queasiness! I was pricked 5 times (another UGH!) and am sending up some heavy prayers that this test comes back good so that I won't have to add anything else to the plate!

If you can believe it, I will be starting week 31 on Monday! Nathan and I are so excited that she is still in there growing away... currently she should be around 3 to 3 1/2 pounds and is around 17 1/2 inches long. Her growth length should start to slow down and she should start putting on some "fat" and weight over the next month.

I have started "swelling" in my feet and ankles and one looks like I am walking around with a broken foot because of the size of it! Whatever it takes is what I keep telling myself when they start aching!! We are getting very excited and can not wait to meet her! Please continue to pray that we will be blessed with a healthy baby and no complications as we get closer to the end.


Melissa said...

I bet CNB was having her own person circus that day of the test! I just hate that it was that bad for you! I am praying that you passed so you don't have to go through anymore pricking! I am also praying for there to be no complications and a healthy baby girl when the day arrives. I too cannot wait to meet her.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...those pregnant ankles...don't miss it a bit! BUT, its a good sign...Baby CNB is still in there GROWING...this is one of the many pleasant body changes little missy has in store for her mommy's body and they are all worth it! These last 9 weeks baby girl will really begin to put the weight on...YAY!! I'm your go-to-girl when you need an ice cream buddy :) Enjoy these last few weeks...the weeks afterward FLY BY! Get ready for someone to press "fast forward" on life. You all are always in our thoughts and prayers! We can't wait to meet little CNB! love, the tiemans

RSM said...
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RSM said...

I came across your blog while I was reading Nate & Tricias blog and we have so many similarities. I had a daughter with Downs on March 12, 2006 and she passed away...not from the Down's but an umbilical cord accident. She was 36 weeks and I was to be induced in 9 days when it happened. I just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and my world is now (semi) whole again. She is 9 weeks old and the joy of my life. I know how LONG and mentally exhausting this pregnancy is for you and I pray that your little one will arrive here safe and sound. It is the most beautiful sound you will ever hear the first time she belts out that first cry. It is HEAVEN! I know that Sophie is up there with all of your sweet babies and they are playing on Gods playground together in perfect bodies. Check out my blog if you want to:

Take care & God Bless!