Wednesday, July 9, 2008

2 Month Check Up

Miss Chayse had her two month check up on Monday and she is doing great! She is up to a whopping 11 pounds and 10 ounces and she has grown 2 inches! This puts Chayse around 60% for weight and around 45% for length. She certainly is growing! Chayse also had to suffer through her shots on Monday which in turn introduced her to Tylenol... thankfully her fever is under 100 again.
On a different note, Chayse made her first trip to John Deere. Nathan needed to order a new tractor for the house so we took a family trip! Now don't get me wrong, this is not a huge farming piece of machinery, this is a small tractor that will work well for an area up to 9 acres. Nathan is very excited about his new toy... it can cut grass, till gardens, work as a snow plow, move stuff in its scoop/bucket... all I can say is boys and their toys!!! Chayse has no idea what the colors green and yellow are all about but without a doubt, her Daddy is going to be introducing her to them very soon!