Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What a Trooper!!

Well, Chayse is still running her fever. We have been to the doctor's office three times in two weeks. ARGH!!! Every inch of her has been checked, rechecked, and then checked again... and still no answers as to what is causing the fever. So, we wait. If the fever is still around next week, we will have some blood work done. For the most part, Chayse is in great spirits. She will go ten hours with no fever and then wham, it's 100.6 again. Needless to say, our schedule is a bit messed up from it all! We are still trying to read stories at bed time but she is a little less cooperative at sitting still when she feels yucky. Tonight, her fever was 100.6 so after her Tylenol, we skipped stories and were just hanging out. Now normally, when she sees a camera, she freezes up... stops talking, stops smiling, stops everything. Tonight though, I was able to get her "talking" with the video camera. She had been talking for about 5 minuets when I started recording it so it doesn't last but maybe two minuets. When this was being recorded, she was in GREAT spirits with her fever.... not even ten minuets later, it was TOTAL MELT DOWN!!!! You will have to pardon my recording... she was standing up so one hand was on her, the camera was in the other hand, and I was trying to keep eye contact with her so she would keep talking!! Anyhow, it is still funny to listen to her babble... don't forget to go to the bottom and pause the music before you hit play!


Renee said...

She is getting so big! I hate she is still sick. I hate it for you too because I know how much you have to be worrying about her. As they say...this too shall pass. Give her a hug for Landry!

Betty said...

What a precious little girl telling us everything in her video! We will keep her (as always) in our prayers but especially for these unexplained fevers. So many times when they are sick, they end up getting something else in their "weakened" condition. Hopefully it will be gone soon and you can get her back on schedule.