Tuesday, July 1, 2008

2 months young... and the best blessing ever!

Sweet smiles
Bright eyes
Soft baby coos
Dangerous diapers
Warm snuggler
Overwhelming love
Pride and pure joy

Just a few things I think of when I think about Chayse. I still can not believe that my sweet baby girl has been around for 2 whole months already! It is so surreal to think about how much she has changed our lives. Chayse is God's answers to a lot of prayers... not just our prayers, but the prayers of our friends and our families as well. Through this journey we have had days that were so dark and gloomy and days where there was so much joy and happiness. As I have said before, it is so nice to be on this side of the storm looking at this side of the rainbow. Many of you have been with us since the beginning, and although we haven't seen many of you in a long time, we have not forgotten you nor your steadfast friendship. And to those of you who came along somewhere in the middle, what a ride you ended up on... thank you for not getting off!! If anyone would have ever asked me two years ago after we lost Hope Noelle if I could see us here... now... at this point in our lives, I would have laughed. Time changes so many things. Chayse Nicole has been a blessing to us and I am so thankful for the friends we have made that have stuck with us and our families as we made our way to this point in our journey. How blessed we are...


Emily said...

I know!!! I'm so glad we're in touch now :) After Lance & I got married 3/14/05, we wanted to start a family, but to make a long story short, I have PCOS. I've done 6 cycles of Clomid & 2 were in conjunction w/Femara. But I decided to put our baby making plans on hold to lose weight, but they told me I'd have to start injections now. NOt to mention they want me to do an HSG test. Oh well. God will bless us when the time is right :) You need to email me sometime @

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!